How to get rid of iphone virus pop up

How to get rid of iphone virus pop up - Not only computers can be entered by viruses or malware. Android-based smartphone devices like iOS and basically can also be entered and infected with a virus or malware earlier. The difference between Android and iOS itself lies in their respective security systems.

iOS, which has been known to use a closed concept, is very consistent with securing its devices. Unlike Android, iOS users cannot access files to the directory system. Therefore, iOS users cannot download third-party applications freely.

This is indeed frustrating for some users who might prefer freedom. However, Apple still holds fast that security is number one. Even so, there are also many people out there who end up choosing shortcuts with jailbreaks in order to download pirated third-party applications

How to find out the iphone virus pop up

Are you one of the users who chose jailbreak to break the door to freedom on iOS? Worried whether your iOS device is still free of viruses or malware? Well, the characteristics of mobile phones affected by viruses or malware can be listened directly below.

Check data consumption

Why so? Because without us knowing, the virus can actually consume data quota. If you notice a sudden surge in data consumption, there is a possibility that the iOS device has been infected.

Apps that experience crashes can be a factor in the infection of your device

Not only does it affect your data, this virus or malware can also disrupt the performance of a mobile application and ultimately cause the mobile application to crash and force closed.

Pop-up ads that often appear

Things like this are common to happen. When you open the Safari application, a pop-up suddenly pops up. Then, this can be a symptom that your device has been infected by a virus or malware. Things like this are necessary and can be suspected.

How to get rid of iphone virus pop up

How to deal with viruses or malware that infect iOS devices is actually quite easy and simple. It's just that you will indeed need a little sacrifice. What should be done is to update the operating system on the iOS device that you use regularly. This needs to be done because Apple is always patching holes in the operating system.

However, what if the operating system on your iOS device is in fact already up-to-date? Then, you can do a factory reset, which will erase all data contained in the device so that the device will return as it was first issued by the manufacturer. However, make sure that the data on the iOS device has been backed up to iCloud or on a PC via iTunes.

Or, if it turns out that appear only pop-up ads in your Safari browser. Try to use a way to clear the history and data of the site pages that have been opened. You do this by opening the Settings menu> Safari> Clear History and Website Data, and tap on the Clear History and Data option.

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